Budget Analyzer Application: Server Side via Grails

January 23, 2013

In this post, I will present one of my newest applications that I built using Grails and jQuery Mobile frameworks. I hope to present this as a more real world example of using Grails along with using jQuery Mobile for the client side responsible design that can scale to any sized client (phone, tablet, desktop, […]


Using Grails with CDI/Weld

March 4, 2011

Two of the libraries I’m most interested in lately are Grails and CDI/JSR299 (Weld being the implementation). The problem is that the two are really not compatible directly with each other. First, CDI is a JavaEE6 technology requiring a compliant container (ie: Glassfishv3) whereas Grails can run in any servlet container (plain ol’ WAR). Second, […]


Using Spring For Dependency Management

April 26, 2009

Spring is often times considered a web application library similar to the EJB 3.x stack.  However, Spring is so much more and can live in standalone applications as well.  Today I am going to touch on using Spring in standalone applications to handle dependency or configuration management.  I do not mean configuration management in the […]