Handling Environments in Java EE Projects

August 7, 2012

Web applications in Java EE (and even SE) have many components from MDB configuration to JMS configuration to Servlet configuration to JPA/database configuration. Each of these components has their own methodology of configuration. Further, some are easier to manage than others. The reason this is important is when it comes to managing your environments from […]

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OneToOne with Hibernate

October 7, 2009

I have a use case within my database schema that involves a one-to-one relationship. Typically, I map most of my tables with an automatic auto-incrementing primary key. The relationship table then has a single foreign key to its single relationship. This works great within Hiberante and HQL without issue. That is until you begin to […]


Using “use index” With Hibernate/MySQL

October 7, 2009

MySQL has the notion of specifying a specific index to use when invoking queries in order to override the default provided by MySQL. Typically, MySQL selects the most optimized index based on the query. However, in some cases, it fails to pick properly reducing performance. In those cases, you need to use the keyword “use […]