Understanding MongoDB Querying in Grails and GORM

May 28, 2013

In this article, I will talk about how Grails, GORM in particular, maps various types of queries into MongoDB queries. Understanding the query mapping is extremely important in order to help understand and identify how performance bottlenecks might incur. This is especially true in the non-relational aspect of MongoDB where it is entirely possible that […]


Understanding MongoDB Object Modeling in Grails and GORM

May 28, 2013

One of the newer, and extremely powerful and cool, features of Grails is the support for NoSQL dialects in GORM. If you are not familiar with GORM, it refers to the Grails Object Relational Model, and was initially developed alongside Hibernate primarily. It basically took ORM solutions like Hibernate, and Groovified them. The result is […]


Budget Analyzer Application: Server Side via Grails

January 23, 2013

In this post, I will present one of my newest applications that I built using Grails and jQuery Mobile frameworks. I hope to present this as a more real world example of using Grails along with using jQuery Mobile for the client side responsible design that can scale to any sized client (phone, tablet, desktop, […]


RFC: Add ‘between’ and ‘in’ to modern day languages

October 1, 2012

One of the recent additions to TeaTrove I am making is adding the between and in operator. This may seem trivial, but they are quite powerful as well as generally better performing, not to mention easier to read. The SQL standard has had these operators for decades because they just make sense. I’m rather surprised […]


Understanding Grails Dependency Fetching

April 13, 2012

If you have ever built or looked at a Grails project, you will notice that within the BuildConfig.groovy file there is a section called repositories that specifies all of the various repositories to pull in resources from. Grails is not built on any one type of repository system, instead it supports almost all of them. […]


Designing Modular Views with Grails

March 30, 2012

One of the more common tasks in using a templating language like Grails is modular-based development. On a given page, you may have a common module used by several pages. For example, you may want a shopping cart on every page or have a set of social network widgets on various pages. Rather than duplicating […]


Introducing Snipplet: Gist Code Management

March 13, 2012

Snipplet will be an online web application for interacting with Gists via the GitHub API in order to categorize, tag, and better manage Gists. It also allows a social aspect of following other users and public Gists and being able to quickly snip or fork another Gist. Gists are becoming more and more widely used […]


Easy REST: Groovy, Grails, and JAXRS

August 8, 2011

I needed an easy way to get an API up and running for a project that exposed JMX as an API (in order to easily interoperate with non-Java clients [ie: iOS…more details coming]). There are a variety of tools, resources, languages, etc to do this, but the one that I found easiest was via Grails […]


jQuery Mobile, Grails, GAE, Oh My!

June 19, 2011

I recently decided to sit down and play with jQuery Mobile and absolutely fell in love with it. I’ve been designing web applications for years, but the pure simplicity in jQuery Mobile is absolutely amazing. The one part I’ve never been good at is graphics with respect to web design. jQuery Mobile removes that requirement […]


Using Grails with CDI/Weld

March 4, 2011

Two of the libraries I’m most interested in lately are Grails and CDI/JSR299 (Weld being the implementation). The problem is that the two are really not compatible directly with each other. First, CDI is a JavaEE6 technology requiring a compliant container (ie: Glassfishv3) whereas Grails can run in any servlet container (plain ol’ WAR). Second, […]