Good Use Case for Server-Sent Events

September 2, 2012

Although some would say there are two competing standards for handling live events on the web, websockets and server-sent events (event source), they are really very different from each other with their own use cases. I have always been a proponent of websockets as it is bi-directional and as a result more powerful. Although in […]

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CSS3 Photo Gallery Example

January 7, 2012

I was looking into the new CSS3 transformations and 3D capabilities for a photo gallery I was creating for my blog and created the following effect that acts like a spinner allowing you to spin through the images as if they were on a turnstile. The best part is that all the animations and perspectives […]

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Ajaxian » CSS3 breaking in the design community

June 15, 2009

Great article below on developing for both next generation and current gen browsers.  I firmly believe in this approach in developing your site to utilize new features while back supporting older browsers in less dramatic ways.  If sites move to this model, users will have a much more compelling reason to upgrade in order to […]

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