My Thoughts on Merging JAXB and JSON Binding Annotations

September 23, 2013

See my Gist below for more information.

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Faster Synchronization Through Hash Maps

May 17, 2013

As part of a load testing project, I needed to collect and store data as fast as possible in a multi-threaded environment. This meant synchronizing on collections to avoid collisions. Synchronization is always a bad idea in any performance critical application. In my simple testing, adding to a synchronized ArrayList can be almost 4x slower […]

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RFC: Add ‘between’ and ‘in’ to modern day languages

October 1, 2012

One of the recent additions to TeaTrove I am making is adding the between and in operator. This may seem trivial, but they are quite powerful as well as generally better performing, not to mention easier to read. The SQL standard has had these operators for decades because they just make sense. I’m rather surprised […]


Good Use Case for Server-Sent Events

September 2, 2012

Although some would say there are two competing standards for handling live events on the web, websockets and server-sent events (event source), they are really very different from each other with their own use cases. I have always been a proponent of websockets as it is bi-directional and as a result more powerful. Although in […]

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Handling Environments in Java EE Projects

August 7, 2012

Web applications in Java EE (and even SE) have many components from MDB configuration to JMS configuration to Servlet configuration to JPA/database configuration. Each of these components has their own methodology of configuration. Further, some are easier to manage than others. The reason this is important is when it comes to managing your environments from […]

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Grails 2.1 and Maven Integration: Multi-Module Projects

July 15, 2012

In the previous two blog articles (simple projects) (plugins), we touched on setting up standard Grails applications and plugins through Maven. In this article, we are going to talk about multi-module projects and how to build plugins and applications together as a single Maven build.


Java Bean Introspector and Covariant/Generic Returns

April 11, 2012

Unfortunately, there is a rather unsettling bug in the JDK in the java.beans package for Introspector when handling bridge methods. For those unfamiliar with that term, JDK 5 created a new modifier called bridge that is only set by the compiler (ie: there is no actual keyword for it in the language that you can […]

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Designing Modular Views with Grails

March 30, 2012

One of the more common tasks in using a templating language like Grails is modular-based development. On a given page, you may have a common module used by several pages. For example, you may want a shopping cart on every page or have a set of social network widgets on various pages. Rather than duplicating […]


Understanding Generics in Collections

March 22, 2012

Generics in Java is one of those features where almost everyone uses but very people, including myself, really understand. I had a conversation just today about understanding a use case of generics within collections and came to a realization of why generics were applied in a certain way. It is very important to not only […]

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Accessing Servlet Container Temporary Directory

March 14, 2012

As part of a recent project, I had a need to generate classes to a temporary directories. Currently, this was being done by a simple File-based path. However, that has two downfalls: the paths are tied to the implementation of the application server and files may be blocked in the application server. However, JSPs do […]