Introducing Snipplet: Gist Code Management

March 13, 2012

Snipplet will be an online web application for interacting with Gists via the GitHub API in order to categorize, tag, and better manage Gists. It also allows a social aspect of following other users and public Gists and being able to quickly snip or fork another Gist.

Gists are becoming more and more widely used as a place to store snippets of code. However, the management of those snippets is increasingly difficult to deal with. Snipplet hopes to take Gists to the next level by providing a new web interface to add categories and tags that make searching, locating, and re-using Gists easier. Think of Pinterest for developers. By using Snipplet, you can take snippets or templates of commonly used code and apply them to categories such as Design Patterns, Java Code, Grails code, Python Code, Enterprise Features, Messaging Features, etc. The categories are custom to you to better manage your snipplets!

This code is very pre-alpha and not ready for consumption. If you are interested in helping bring this code to final fruition and launch, let me know.

You can view more information and fork the repository on GitHub:

Snipplet is based on Grails for its web application and GORM for its database persistence via HSQL or MySQL. Snipplet uses the GitHub v3 API to retrieve and update Gists via HTTP Builder.
Snipplet uses the Quartz plugin to schedule jobs that periodically query the latest Gists via the API and updates its internal database with copies of those Gists as well as automatically creating Snippets for Gists from registered users. Snipplet uses Bootstrap from Twitter and jQuery for its user interface. It also uses a custom version of Prettify javascript library to handle code beautification.

Snipplet Screenshot

One Response to “Introducing Snipplet: Gist Code Management”

  1. This is awesome! I was looking for something like this… I love Gists… but I wanted a better way to browse and search them.