4 Reasons Samsung Should Buy WebOS

August 29, 2011

Is Samsung thinking about buying WebOS? I really like this idea if it’s true, although I really doubt it. I have a hard time believing Samsung would ditch everything (Android, Bada, etc) to concentrate on WebOS. However, I do believe that WebOS could benefit Samsung and the community. I think Android is a great concept, […]


Original Syntax Highlighter

August 22, 2011

All of our IDEs and text editors support syntax highlighting…however, here is the original highlighter before the invention of computers :) Does anyone remember these things? Next time you are writing pseudo code on your napkin or paper, break out one of these babies and make sure to use the proper color…you know, blue for […]


Google+ vs Facebook and Twitter: My Personal Thoughts

August 12, 2011

For anyone who knows me personally, you most likely know that I despise Facebook and for plenty of reasons, most of which I consider valid (although some are just my personal annoyances). I’m also not an avid Twitter user, although I do use it to post my blog articles and share technology tidbits. However, I […]

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Easy REST: Groovy, Grails, and JAXRS

August 8, 2011

I needed an easy way to get an API up and running for a project that exposed JMX as an API (in order to easily interoperate with non-Java clients [ie: iOS…more details coming]). There are a variety of tools, resources, languages, etc to do this, but the one that I found easiest was via Grails […]